Success Systems at JSR.

What are the Success Systems we offer at John S Realty?


  • First and foremost, what matters to your success is how many appointments you have with ready, willing and able Sellers and Buyers each week.
  • Leads are fine. But to be successful, it’s appointments and deal flow that you need.
  • We provide you with company preset appointments with both Sellers and Buyers at no upfront cost to you.
  • If you want, we will also pay the upfront cost to have your personal leads called, nurtured and appointments set so that you can focus on appointments and closing deals.
  • Imagine what would happen to your career if you had a continuous flow of preset appointments instead of having to chase leads.


  • Nearly 61% of Broker business is directly attributed to REFERRALS and REPEAT business.
  • 87% of past Clients have told the NAR in response to research, that they would gladly use the same Broker for their next home…if they could just remember who they were!
  • At JOHN S REALTY, we have developed a solid REFERRAL Marketing system that will keep you in front of your Clients for life. One that your clients will really enjoy too.


  • If you control the Listings in your area you have all the Buyers you want.
  • JOHN S REALTY has been the top producing independent listing Brokerage in the area for close to the last decade and we’ve developed several amazing listing marketing systems that we share with you when we work together.
  • We will supply you with Tried and Tested listing presentations that have the highest conversion ratios around.
  • Access to complete marketing systems for your listings that have automated reports for your Seller Clients so that they love working with you.


One of the great real estate coaches of this world said that to be in the real estate business you have to do three things every day.

  1. You must generate new leads everyday
  2. You must follow up on those leads everyday
  3. You must convert those leads into appointments everyday

Take a moment here and check out some of the many effective advanced marketing systems that John S Realty Brokers get access to:

  • FOR SALE BY OWNER’s – FSBO’s – What if you had a proven FSBO marketing system, that made you money even if you didn’t list the property? One that virtually every FSBO that you called would immediately schedule an appointment that day to meet with you. One that you eventually got to list 50%-80% of the FSBO’s that you explain it to. One that caused most of the FSBO Sellers to become your Buyer clients once the home was sold. Would you be interested?
  • FOR LEASE BY OWNER’s – FLBO’s – did you realize that FLBO’s are one of the great under tapped listing resources out there?
  • CASH BUYER PROGRAM – Did you know that John S Realty Brokers have access to almost unlimited resources of cash buyers here in the Seattle/Tacoma market?
  • BUILDER DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM – John S Realty Brokers have access to a Builder Development System that has been used repeatedly to develop 100 plus new home listings a year to the market.
  • RENTER & FIRST TIME HOME BUYER SYSTEM – The Renter / First Time home Buyer system has been developed for our Brokers that allows them to get their Buyers into a home with less than $1000 out of pocket.
  • 50 MORE – As a Brokerage with the top producing Broker for the last 7 years in Washington we have developed 50 plus tried and tested marketing systems that John S Realty Brokers have access to.


  • John S Realty provides you with access to ongoing training on the latest systems and technology to make your business successful.
  • Access to mentoring from the top Brokers in the Area
  • Training on the hottest lead generation systems in the industry
  • Hands on how to do it training and then hands on to actually DO it.

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