After 30 years in the real estate business as an Agent and Broker I’ve learned that to be in business, any business for that matter, however to be in the Real Estate Business especially as a Broker or Agent there are three things that we must do each and every day or you’re really just kidding yourself about being in the business.

Every day those three things are:

  1. Generate leads
  2. Follow-up on Leads
  3. Convert Leads to Appointments

Like most Agents and Brokers if you don’t do these 3 things every day, your business is going to struggle.  The funny part is #1 Generating leads, is actually very easy.  As Real Estate Professionals, every day we are bombarded with the latest, greatest coolest, most amazing lead generation systems for everything from Facebook to YouTube to you name it.  We can buy leads from Zillow, Trulia, RealtyTrac, etc.  You’ve got SEO, PPC, text capture, call capture, full blown marketing platforms like BoomTown, CINC, Zurple, Market leader, etc. Then there are the various Guru’s, Coaches, etc., that pitch their systems, all to bury you in leads.  On top of all that there are 100’s of really fun, cool and effective lead generation systems that you can do besides all of this.

Now, if Generating Leads is so simple, why do so many Agents/Brokers struggle so much?  The answer is actually very simple.  Most of us don’t do, can’t do or won’t do #2 The Follow Up; in a timely manner and #3 Converting the leads to appointments.  Think about it, if a lead comes in, especially via the Internet the follow up is difficult (especially since analytics say you have 508 seconds to follow-up or you lose them and the conversion is a special skill that very few of us really poses or worse even if we do poses it, since its very time consuming, we don’t do it.  For another example, what do you do when a lead calls you via a Lead Generating Call System, while you’re with an actual Client?  What do you do if the call is at a time when you can’t pick up?  And remember as we all know too well a Lead is not a Client.  At best, they are someone who has risen their hand to say, “I might be interested in buying or selling”.  And many times, they are just tire kickers or 6+ months out before they are ready to move forward.

So, what do you do?  What is the answer?  After 30+ years in the business, the answer is to outsource it to others.  Remember IMMEDIATE Follow up on your leads and Conversion of Leads to Appointments must be done daily to be in business.  So, either you do it or you delegate it and spend your time in front of more Clients who actually make you money.  What does that mean to outsource it?  I always have professional Inside Sales Agents or a telemarketing floor with professionals in the real estate industry, who take the leads, follow up with the leads within 5 minutes, every time and nurture the leads over a 12-month period or until they become actual APPOINTMENTS.  By outsourcing or delegating the tasks, #2 and #3 get accomplished and I stay in front of actual Clients who are ready, willing and able to BUY and SELL real estate.

Many of us would love outsource the follow-up and the conversion of leads to actual appointments, however most of the time when I talk about it the first question I get is, “How much will this cost up front?”  Well it could cost a lot or it could be done for no upfront cost.  If you really want to know how to get Pre-Set Buyer and Seller appointments ready to do business with you today, then check out this website: PRE-SET BUYER & SELLER APPOINTMENT.

Doing this will change your business and change your life.  The business of real estate becomes fun and very profitable.

Since you’ve made it this far and you now know what you must do every day, until next post, have a great and profitable day.

NEXT POST NOTE: On the next post, we will cover how to generate 15-20 Seller Leads from Facebook for about $100