The National Association of Realtors conducts a pile of research each year to help us stay ahead of the game.  One point that they have uncovered is about how important your Broker’s brand is to your success and to the market (The Buyers & Sellers who make us our income).  What the research from the NAR has shown is surprising and interesting. The NAR has shown that approximately 67% of Brokers think that the Brand name of their Brokerage is very important to being able to close clients.  The surprising and interesting thing that most Brokers and Agents don’t realize is that the same research from the NAR has shown that less than 3% of the market (The Buyers & Sellers who make us our income) care what the name of the Brokerage is.  What’s important to the market is the Broker/Agents that they do business with.  This shows us 2 important things.  The first thing is that a lot of us aren’t in touch with the reality of the market.  We are still stuck in how things used to be.  The second thing it teaches us is that our relationship with the market as the Brokers in the field is critical.  Clients with access to an unlimited amount of resources form the internet know that their Agent / Broker that they actually work with is what’s important.  The big-name brands no longer have the “reputation” of being the BEST & ONLY option for consumers. Therefore, they are also not the only option for Brokers either. Consumers have smartened up and know that it is their Agent / Broker that they actually work with who makes the difference in making a wise buying or selling decision, not the company they work for.  In fact we’ve found that a majority of todays Buyers and Sellers love supporting locally owned and operated, successful businesses with a hands on approach versus large corporations.

It also means that if you own a Brokerage or lead a team, you MUST service your Agents / Brokers to earn the right to have their license hung with you. Your Agents / Brokers need help and this is a HUGE opportunity to create reasons Agents / Brokers should work with you!  John S Realty as the Top Producing, Non-Franchise Company in Tacoma, not only understands this, we implement it into our Brokerage so that each of you as our Agents / Brokers get the best tools, training and resources that you deserve to be successful in your business.  CLICK HERE for more information on how you can take advantage of the systems and resources to take your business to the next level.