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About John S Realty

At John S Realty, we function like a family. Mind you it’s a business family, however, it’s still a family. When you are at the point in your career that you have some experience and you’re doing a few deals a year or you’re doing a few a month and want to really take your business to the next level then there is a really good chance that THIS MIGHT JUST BE THE PLACE.

So that you get a chance to know what it’s like here to be part of our business family we’d like to take a moment and let you hear from some of our Brokers about what it’s like to be part of our Family. Scroll down and see what it’s like:

After being an agent for a year and a have and trying to figure out my future as a broker I found JohnSRealty thanks to a fellow Broker. Within one day of becoming a member of the team John Schanbush, the owner, handed me a buyer that landed me a 399,000 contract/sale in four days! After a year and a half with another National brand (with a balloon) and only receiving one lead I was hooked. Since then I have been given the chance many times to list homes, help buyers, and work with some amazing individuals who really care about the success of their agents. Being a part of JohnSRealty has given me the confidence and training to be successful.

Tim Garber - Real Estate Broker

John helped me start my real estate career over 10 years ago, and if it weren’t for him I would have never been successful in the real estate industry. He spent enough time with me to mentor me and train me so that I could have the tools necessary to be successful even though he was extremely busy. I enjoy having my license hung at this office and am very thankful for John and his great staff.

Travis Bride - Real Estate Broker

As a season investor upon getting my real estate license John S Realty was very helpful in training mentoring end guidance to the process of buying and selling properties for my clients I would highly recommend this brokerage for anyone who is very serious to meet their goals and exceeding their goals with John S Realty is definitely a family type of environment. I’ve also had a few health challenges and they’ve been supportive all along the way.

Nellie Bell - Real Estate Broker

Since coming onboard to JohnSRealty this past March of 2016 I’ve experienced nothing but the best treatment and all around service by the brokers and staff! It’s an office that is welcoming and sincerely cares about your success as a real estate agent!  They are true to their promises of business handed to you via their inside sales staff and the business they give out can bring you some real cash! One such lead I received was over half a million-dollar listing which I had under contract in 3 weeks and also double sided……not bad. There are also promotional’s that they offer regularly which make it exciting and a little competition makes it fun. JohnSRealty is always trying to advance and stay on the cutting edge of technology which is so important in this field.  I’m excited to see what the future holds for all of us here at JohnSRealty.  It’s really a family atmosphere and one I’m truly happy to say I’m now part of!

Bryce Beard - Real Estate Professional

What can I said about my office, I just want to tell you that I am very happy to be part of Schlanbusch team, the good energy, the love from David O’Brien Crystal and John is amazing, all the effort the office does for us is incredible. I am very grateful because I see John do all he can, to make us very productive Agents.

I went to the Northwest MLS training and they ask me about my office, I respond so enthusiastic that one person said, I want to work in your office! They called David to make an appointment to see him the same day!

Thank you for everything Crystal, John David, Thank You!

Yolanda Gonzalez - Real Estate Broker

I’ve worked at JohnSRealty since 2007. This beautiful, North Tacoma office is filled with hard workers and warm hearts. The family-like feel is welcoming and everyone is making money and happy! The opportunities here are more than I could have ever dreamed. This office is a blessing to me and all that enter the door.

Crystal Schlanbusch

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